(LOS ANGELES) -- Sixteen-year-old Tyler Sellers is ready to take the world by storm. With a charismatic voice and songwriting chops that belie his age, Sellers is about to take his first step towards stardom with a new single titled “Friend Zone.” The track features a slick bass line and an expertly played, downright funky guitar that showcases Tyler’s clear talent as a master of the six-string. It was this ability that put him on the radar of Fretmonkey Records. Tyler has spent the past couple of years cutting his teeth performing in various showcases and concerts. In addition to sharing his musical talents, Tyler has spoken to thousands of youth in various schools about setting goals and other hot teen topics such as bullying and dating relationships. Tyler is recording his first record with Fretmonkey, an exciting debut EP to be released this Fall.


Expert musicianship isn’t the only thing that is putting Tyler Sellers on the map. His songwriting craft is also something to behold. With a blues and jazz backbone, and an ear for the perfect pop aesthetics, Tyler is out to create a unique path for himself in the pop world. Reminiscent of a young John Mayer, Sellers wants to create well crafted, polished pop songs built on an honed singer/songwriter foundation.

TIGER BEAT had this to say about Tyler's unique style:

"Tyler Sellers, a 16 year old artist with all the sultry vibes of Charlie Puth and charming vocals of Shawn Mendes-but with a style all his own-will be your new music obsession."


Sellers also possesses a certain kind of vocal prowess that even the most mature singer/songwriter’s would surely kill for. Infectious single “Friend Zone” showcases Sellers’ ability to rock a jazz-fusion track with all the sultry, falsetto vocal hallmarks of the genre, but with the addition of his own youthful, pop spirit. 


Tyler had this to say about the single: 

"Once we got in the studio and laid it down, musically we were able to take the song to another level. The combination of the bass, drums, and electric guitars perfects the vision I had with this song. I originally wanted a vintage funk kind of feel to it and I believe that's exactly what we did. Couldn’t be happier with the new groove it has. This has become one of my favorites to jam out to on stage. Hope this is one that you guys can be jamming out to in the car as well."


Tyler’s trajectory towards stardom has not gone unnoticed. He has won two Alchemy singer-songwriting events, and has garnered the attention and support of music industry professionals. Tyler was also featured on Real Life STL for “Best Top 10 Billboard Cover” of the week for his YouTube video of the Twenty One Pilots hit song, “Stressed Out,” and will be making his live TV debut on Christian Television Network JUCE TV. 


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